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About Ray's

A Story of Brotherly Love...

Several years ago, Tony and his older brother Ray, talked about opening a wine & beer retail store. It was a grand idea they kicked around ~ a great adventure ~ going into business together. Ray, being the “man of leisure” that he was, saw a great opportunity to party and entertain friends! Tony, being the businessman he is, thought he could finally nail Ray down to a real job! Together, they enjoyed the banter of their “what if's” and “wouldn’t it be awesome to's," thinking there was plenty of time for them to laugh, dream and plan.

Then, Ray was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of melanoma (already in stage 4) and he passed away less than 6 months later.

After launching the Splash! Tasting Room, Tony decided to make that original dream - shared with his brother - a reality and to name the new business in tribute to his brother, Ray. It is so much more than just a retail store/restaurant/party room ... it’s a living memorial to the brothers’ bond and love.

We think our combination of a great restaurant with a retail wine, beer and cigar marketplace makes us very unique. You can select your own bottle of wine or beer and take it to your table to enjoy with your meal.

Your support and continued patronage will allow us to do what we love best and continue to make this dream real. We welcome you to Ray’s Wine Spirits Grill!

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