Healthy and so incredibly flavorful, Ray’s Wine Spirits Grill has blended the two into a spectacular meal selection. Ray’s is committed to bringing the finest raw ingredients to your table. All of our vegetables, fruits and greens are certified organic. We use organic ingredients wherever, whenever possible.

All of our animal proteins are classified organic, certified wild caught or free range. No growth hormones, antibiotics or artificial preservatives, ever. We do not like sugar (except desserts)! We do not add sugar to any dish. No high-fructose sugar, ever.

Everything is made fresh to order. Your food is not reheated or “warmed up.” We leave the fried foods to others. No hydrogenated oils, ever. We have no aluminum cookware and feel that it is not a safe, healthy medium for cooking. 

If you would like to make a reservation for parties larger than four, or reserve our private dining room for a special event, contact us online or call (937) 890-0300.