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Wine Tasting Kits Wed. Oct. 26, 2022

Guess the Grape!

One of the tastes is not like the others… will it be a trick or a treat for YOUR taste buds?

Orders emailed by Tuesday night to will be ready for pickup or for dining in the restaurant Wednesday after 4pm. Additional kits will be available for purchase while supplies last.


*cherries, berries, flowers & spices

*cherry & plum, rich mocha finish

*ripe dark fruits, mocha & spice

*juicy black fruits, pepper and leather

*rich berries and ripe cherries.


*apple & pear, herbaceous & tropical

*crisp citrus & vibrant orchard fruits

*apple & pear, peach & citrus, rich and round

*pink grapefruit, honeydew melon & passionfruit

*aromatic fresh fruit with a hint of butterscotch


*jasmine & hibiscus, honeysuckle & orange blossom

*freshly picked honeycrisp and baking spices

*berries & dark cherries, fruity & harmonious

*aromas & flavors “fresh from the vine”

*ripe cherries and strawberries with a smooth finish

Click here for tasting notes

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