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Wine Tasting Wed. June 22, 2022

To commemorate our 8th anniversary operating as Ray’s as well as our 10th anniversary offering Wednesday wine tastings, this week we are making a “Guess the Grape” tasting for the red and white kits as well as the usual sweet flight. Each tasting will be labeled with a peel off sticker so you can guess then peel to reveal the answer.

Here are the flight selections for June 22nd. Orders emailed by Tuesday night to will be ready for pickup or for dining in the restaurant Wednesday after 4pm. Additional kits will be available for purchase while supplies last.

RED FLIGHT ~ $15 “Guess the Grape”

___ Cabernet Sauvignon ~ Washington

___ Malbec ~ Mendoza, Argentina

___ Merlot ~ Napa & Lodi, CA

___ Pinot Noir ~ Central Coast, CA

___ Shiraz ~ South Australia

___ Zinfandel ~ Lodi, CA

WHITE FLIGHT ~ $15 “Guess the Grape”

___ Chardonnay ~ Redwood Valley, CA

___ Chenin Blanc ~ Clarksburg, CA

___ Pinot Grigio ~ Delle Venezie, Italy

___ Riesling ~ Columbia Valley, WA

___ Sauvignon Blanc ~ Marlborough, New Zealand

___ Verdejo ~ De La Tierra de Castilla, Spain


Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling ~ Columbia Valley, WA

Castello del Poggio Rose’ ~ Veneto, Italy

Adesso Cagnina Dolce ~ Romagna, Italy

Stella Rosa Rosso ~ Italy

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